Appear and Show Cause

Written by Stephen Taylor
Directed by Woodie King, Jr.


December 7th

Written by George Rattner
Directed by Gordon Edelstein


I Have a Dream

Written by Josh Greenfield
Directed by Woodie King, Jr.


In the House of Blues

Written by David Charles
Directed by Buddy Butler


Long Time Since Yesterday

Written by P. J. Gibson
Directed by Bette Howard


Ma Maw Black Sheep

Written by Stafford Ashani
Directed by Stafford Ashani


Nonsectarian Conversations with the Dead

Written by Laurie Carlos
Directed by Latanya Richardson Jackson and Laurie Carlos


Once Upon the Present Time

Written by Geri Lipshultz
Directed by Geri Lipshultz


Second Hurricane

Written by Aaron Copland and Edwin Denby
Directed by Tazewell Thompson


Williams and Walker

Written by Vincent D. Smith
Directed by Shauneille Perry