Basin Street

Written by Michael Hulett, G. William Oakley, and Turk Murphy
Directed by G. William Oakley


Becoming Garcia

Written by Tato Laviera
Directed by Carlos Gobera



Written by Jordan Budde
Directed by Gideon Y. Schein



Written by Joyce Walker-Joseph
Directed by Elizabeth Van Dyke



Written by Pearl Cleage
Directed by Frances Foster


Incandescent Tones

Written by Risë Collins
Directed by Marjorie Moon


Last Dance Man

Written by Alan Foster Friedman
Directed by John Pynchon Holmes


Oh! Oh! Obesity

Written by Gerald W. Deas MD
Directed by Bette Howard



Written by Nubia Kai
Directed by Bette Howard



Written by Tommy Butler
Directed by Cliff Roquemore


Shades of Brown

Written by Michael Picardie
Directed by Joan Kemp-Welch


The Hooch

Written by Charles Michael Moore
Directed by Chuck Smith


Trial of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Written by Billy Graham
Directed by Dianne Kirksey


Twenty Year Friends

Written by Sonny Jim Gaines
Directed by Andre Mtume