Black People’s Party

Written by Earl Anthony
Directed by Norman Riley

Boy & Tarzan Appear in a Clearing

Written by Amiri Baraka
Directed by George Ferencz

Amiri Baraka

Child of the Sun

Written by Damien Leake
Directed by Harold Scott

Day Out of Time

Written by Alan Foster Friedman
Directed by George Ferencz

Dreams Deferrred

Written by Laurence Holder
Directed by Allie Woods


Written by Matt Robinson
Directed by Shauneille Perry

La Chefa

Written by Tato Laviera
Directed by Raúl Dávila


Written by Don Evans
Directed by Gilbert Moses


Written by Carolyn Rodgers
Directed by Shauneille Perry

Carolyn Rodgers

Paper Angels

Written by Ginny Lim
Directed by John Lone

Shango Diaspora

Written by Angela Jackson
Directed by Abena Joan Brown

Steal Away

Written by Ramona King
Directed by Anderson Johnson

The World of Ben Caldwell

Written by Ben Caldwell
Directed by Richard Gant

Who Loves the Dancer

Written by Rob Penny
Directed by Shauneille Perry