1979-80 Season
Amiri Baraka in Concert

Written by Amiri Baraka
Directed by Norman Riley

Amiri Baraka
As Long as You’re Happy Barbara

Written by Gary Lasdun
Directed by Otto Pirchner

Brewery Puppets

Written by Brad Brewer
Directed by Brad Brewer

Crazy Horse Have Jenny Now

Written by Louis Peterson
Directed by Charles Maryan


Written by Ed Bullins
Directed by Woodie King, Jr.

Ed Bullins

Written by Crispen Langeria
Directed by Leo Shapiro

Glorious Monster in the Bell of the Horn

Written by Larry Neal
Directed by Glenda Dickerson

Puerto Rican Obituary

Written by Pedro Pietri
Directed by Jose Machado


Written by Umar Bin Hassan
Directed by Al Freeman, Jr.

Take it From the Top

Written by Ruby Dee
Directed by Ossie Davis