Whose Family Values

Ted Rodenborn, Herb Rubens, Gammy Singer, Glynis Bell, Martha Libman Photo credit: Carol Rosegg
Chris Hutchinson and Rosalyn Coleman

Charles Boyd (Herbert Rubens) is the patriarch of the family, a sharp-tongued stock broker and an ardent pro-lifer. He and his wife, Pat (Glynis Bell), along with their uptight son, Steven (Kevin Rolston), spend their weekends protesting outside the Planned Parenthood clinic that has recently opened a few blocks from their Clayton, Missouri home. Steven’s fiancĂ©e, Mary Slade (Jennifer Laine), is not as strident in her pro-life position. But the real dissenter within the group is Steven’s older brother, Bruce (Chris Hutchison), who has bucked the family line in any number of ways: He’s moved to California, he’s got an African-American girlfriend, and he’s pro-choice. He even has the gall to refer to the clinic, so detested by the rest of his family, as a “reproductive health center” instead of an “abortion mill.”

Presented as part of the 2002-03 Season

Play opened May 14, 2003

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Richard Abrons
Director Philip Rose
Actor Ted Rodenborn
Actor Herbert Rubens
Actor Gammy Singer
Actor Glynis Bell
Actor Martha Libman
Actor Chris Hutchinson
Actor Rosalyn Coleman
Actor Clayton LeBouef

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