Who Loves the Dancer

From Mel Gussow’s NY Times Review, March 5, 1982

ROB PENNY’S ”Who Loves the Dancer” at Henry Street Settlement’s New Federal Theater is a disarming new play about a boy growing up in Philadelphia in the 50’s. The hero, played by Giancarlo Esposito, dreams about a career as a professional dancer, but he is trapped by expectations of his mother, his social environment and racism. Deep in the second act, these pressures become burdensome, and Mr. Esposito releases his emotions – and his lithe body – in a dance, gradually building into an intuitive expression of his free creative spirit. When dealing with an artist on stage, it is always dangerous to show that art in action, but Mr. Esposito easily meets the challenge. As he demonstrates, he is happy when he is dancing.

Presented as part of the 1981-82 Season

Play opened March 5, 1982 at the Henry DeJur Playhouse

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Rob Penny
Director Shauneille Perry Shauneille Perry
Assistant Director Elizabeth Van Dyke
Musical Director Cliff Terry
Choreographer Bob Johnson
Stage Manager Dwight R. B. Cook
Set Designer Robert Edmonds
Lighting Designer Sandra Ross
Costume Designer Judy Dearing
Sound Designer Reggie Life
Actor Andre Robinson Jr.
Actor Giancarlo Esposito
Actor Louise Stubbs
Actor Jewel Brimage
Actor Peter Wise
Actor Rosanna Carter
Actor Kim Weston-Moran
Actor Martin D. Pinckney
Actor Cliff Terry
Actor Terrance Terry Ellis
Actor Kevin Hall
Actor Richard H. Arnold Jr.
Actor Sloan Robinson
Actor Richard Gant
Actor Aissatou Parks
Actor Natalie Ryder

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