Waitin’ 2 End Hell

Love may be “a many-splendored thing” when you’re falling into it, but to stay in it is work, and when you’re falling out of it, well, it can be ugly.

This production received 2004 AUDELCO nominations for Dramatic Production of the Year, Lead Actor (Marcus Naylor), and Lead Actress (Trish McCall).

Presented as part of the 2004-05 Season

Play opened June 30, 2004

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright William A. Parker
Director Woodie King, Jr. Woodie King Jr
Stage Manager Stacy Waring
Set Designer Roger Predmore
Lighting Designer Antoinette Tynes Antoinette Tynes
Costume Designer Stephanie Rafferty
Sound Designer Anthony Dixon
Props Paul Donohue
Technical Director Roger Predmore
Actor O.L. Duke
Actor Elica Funastsu
Actor Trish McCall
Actor Eric McLendon

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