From Stephen Holden’s NY Times Review, January 24, 1985

David Livingstone (Kevin O’Connor), a nincompoop ambassador in the unnamed country where the play is set, is the main character, and Thrombo is his feared personal God – the god of heart attacks. In a land of starvation, Mr. Livingstone blithely rationalizes conditions by explaining, ”Starvation is nature’s way of shuffling the hearty eaters out of the pack; the answer is little people – pygmies.” Meanwhile his wife, Isadora Duncan (Angela Pietropinto) promotes social betterment through her bridge club while dreaming of being discovered by Hollywood. Ruling a country in which the poor are referred to as ”pimples” is a crazy, despotic prime minister named Louis Quatorze.

Presented as part of the 1984-85 Season

Play opened January 24, 1984 at the Harry De Jur Playhouse

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Albert Bermel
Director Leo Shapiro
Stage Manager Leila Boyd
Set Designer Jane Clark
Costume Designer Gene Lakin
Props Charlie Eisenberg
Actor Jane Borrus
Actor Christobal Carambo
Actor Kevin O’Connor
Actor Frankie Faison
Actor Ken Marks
Actor Angela Pietropinto
Actor Larry Pine
Actor Esther Ryvlin
Actor Count Stovall

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