The Missing Face

The African Project

An African-American woman, Ida Bee, journeys from Milwaukee with her teenage son to the mythical African kingdom of Idu. She is searching for her son’s runaway father and the broken ancestral Ikenga staff that her own father had bequeathed to her with the mandate to ‘find the missing half of the face.’

The mother & son’s arrival in Idu unravels startling memories that would forever change the course of history, and how the African world views the Diaspora. -adapted from

This production alternated performances with Beautiful Things.

Presented as part of the 2000-01 Season

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Tess Onwueme
Director Patricia White
Stage Manager Bukanla
Set Designer Terry Chandler
Lighting Designer Antoinette Tynes Antoinette Tynes
Costume Designer Anita Ellis
Sound Designer David D. Wright
Actor David D. Wright
Actor Tobias Truvillion
Actor Stephanie Berry
Actor Kim Sullivan
Actor Angeline Butler
Actor William Jay Marshall

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