The Meeting

Dick Williams as Malcolm X in the 1989 PBS American Playhouse production

The Meeting is a 1987 American play by Jeff Stetson about an imaginary meeting between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X in 1965 in a hotel in Harlem during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. The play was later televised on American Playhouse in 1989; from the NFT production, Dick Williams was re-cast as Malcom X, while different actors played the other characters.

Presented as part of the 1986-87 Season

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Jeff Stetson
Director Judyann Elder
Stage Manager Michael William Schaeffer
Set Designer Virgil Woodford
Lighting Designer Leroy Meadows
Costume Designer Violette Fashion
Sound Designer Jacqui Casto
Props J. P. Walker
Props Steve Burnett
Actor Dick A. Williams
Actor Taurean Blacque Taurean Blacque
Actor Felton Perry

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