The Balm Yard

From Stephen Holden’s review in the NY Times:

Donna Manno, left, Roxie Roker and Kim Weston Moran, right.

Don Minch’s play with music, “The Balm Yard,” depicts life in a West Indian town where the animistic spiritual beliefs and daily lives of the inhabitants are virtually indivisible. Those who are tainted by the materialism of the outside world become alien voices in a society united by reverence for what one character calls “the ground that made me.”

Presented as part of the 1990-91 Season

Play opened March 22, 1991 at the Theater at Riverside Church

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Don Kinch
Director Shauneille Perry Shauneille Perry
Stage Manager Jacqui Casto
Set Designer Robert Joel Schwartz
Lighting Designer Sandra Ross
Costume Designer Judy Dearing
Sound Designer Pepsi Robinson
Props Jacquelyn Howard
Actor Irene Datcher
Actor Gary Dourdan
Actor Doug Eskew
Actor Dana Manno
Actor Kim Weston-Moran
Actor Roxie Roker
Actor Trevor Thomas
Actor Nichole Thompson
Actor Nick Smith
Actor Ras Tesfa
Actor Carla Williams
Actor Larry McDonald

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