Survival is a play developed collectively by Theatre Workshop ’71. Four actors playing four political prisoners re-enact their politicization and relate what had brought them to prison.

Jerry Mofokeng, the director, in an interview, recounted a time in 1976 when, during a Soweto performance of “Survival,” where police raided the theater, arresting the performers and beating audience members.

Presented as part of the 1989-90 Season

Play opened February 21, 1990 at the Theater at Riverside Church

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Fana Kekana
Playwright Selaelo Maredi
Playwright Mshengu
Playwright Themba Ntinga
Playwright Seth Sibanda
Director Jerry Mofokeng
Set Designer Craig Kennedy
Lighting Designer Richard Harmon
Actor Fana Kekana
Actor Selaelo Maredi
Actor Mshengu
Actor Themba Ntinga
Actor Seth Sibanda

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