“There oughta be a law,” complains Spermegga, a surprisingly eloquent two-week-old baby, to the judge of a juvenile court. The only compensation for the ordeal of being dragged from the security of the womb, the baby argues, is the guarantee of unconditional love from both parents.

This is the first of the two lessons of Spermegga, conceived (a loaded word, in this case) and written by Clarice Taylor, who plays both the judge and the child — through various stages of her life from the womb through young adulthood — as well as Spermegga’s grandmother, her mother Eggna, her father Sperman and a handful of other characters.

Presented as part of the 1999-00 Season

Play opened January 19, 2000 at the Hudson Guild Theater

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Clarice Taylor
Director Walter Dallas
Stage Manager William C. Luff
Set Designer Nick Embree
Lighting Designer Peter Jakubowski
Costume Designer Andre Harrington
Sound Designer Peter Rydberg
Actor Clarice Taylor

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