Satchel: A Requiem for Racism

“Satchel” follows an African-American Harvard student taking a train to Florida and, as luck would have it, sitting next to Satchel Paige himself. Paige, the legendary Negro Leagues pitcher and character who finally made it to the Majors as an old man, is on his way to Spring Training and teaches the young man something Harvard never could: the impact of segregation on the black community.

Presented as part of the 2007-08 Season

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Fred Newman
Director Eric Coleman
Stage Manager Bayo
Set Designer Michele Fields
Lighting Designer Antoinette Tynes Antoinette Tynes
Costume Designer Carolyn Adams
Sound Designer Sean O’Halloran
Actor R. Ashley Bowles
Actor Michael Alcide
Actor Maryam Myika Day
Actor Henry Afro-Bradley
Actor C. Niambi Steele
Actor Toni Seawright

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