Salaam Huey Newton, Salaam

Presented as Three One-Acts: Bullins, Baraka, with Fletcher

Actor Gano Grills (who plays Marvin X) with Marvin X and Amiri Baraka

What happens to revolutionaries when the revolution is no more?

Presented as part of the 2008-09 Season

One-Act Play opened October 28, 2008 at the Harry De Jur Playhouse

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Ed Bullins Ed Bullins
Playwright Marvin X
Director Mansoor Najee-Ullah
Stage Manager Bayo
Asst. Stage Manager Rosita Timm
Set Designer Anthony Davidson Anthony Davidson
Lighting Designer Antoinette Tynes Antoinette Tynes
Costume Designer Karen Perry
Costume Designer Anne Skeete
Sound Designer Sean O’Halloran
Actor Michael Alcide
Actor Gano Grills
Actor Harrison Lee

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