Once Upon the Present Time

The title of the show comes from a line in ”The Television God,” one of Miss Lipschultz’s pieces: ”Once upon the present time the idea of the human race could be a good idea.” With its allusion to the old joke about the Indian guru’s reply to the question of what he thinks of Western civilization, that line is not uncharacteristic of Miss Lipschultz’s writing. It is full of echoes of cliches and commonplaces, which she twists into new shapes. – excerpt from D.j.r. Bruckner’s NY Times Review

Presented as part of the 1985-86 Season

Play opened October 18, 1985

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Geri Lipshultz
Director Geri Lipshultz
Musical Director Lawrence “Butch” Morris
Musical Director Wayne Horvitz
Musical Director Dino J. A. Deane
Stage Manager Lisa Blackwell
Set Designer Charles McClellahan
Lighting Designer Richard Leu
Actor Geri Lipshultz

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