Oh! Oh! Obesity

THE MESSAGE is wrapped in humor, so audiences can laugh along with Fat Momma, Fat Daddy and their teenage daughter, Fatsie, when those characters appear on stage…. Food, and the consumption of lots and lots of it, is the subject of “Oh! Oh! Obesity,” a musical comedy written by Hollis physician Gerald Deas, who said it “shows obese people in a very positive light but with an undercurrent that losing some weight would help.” –Newsday

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Presented as part of the 1983-84 Season

Play opened June 20, 1984 at the Harry DeJur Theatre

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Gerald W. Deas MD
Director Bette Howard
Stage Manager Malik
Set Designer May Callas
Lighting Designer Zebedee Collins
Sound Designer Bernard Hall
Props Charlotte Eisenberg
Actor Sandra Reaves-Phillips
Actor Reginald Vel Johnson Reggie Vel
Actor Karen Lagerstrom
Actor Mennie Nelson
Actor Jacquelyn Bird
Actor Regina Reynolds Hood
Actor Erika Arlis Smith
Actor Kent C. Jackman

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