Medal of Honor Rag

From Clive Barnes NY Times Review on March 29, 1976

Dwight H. Johnson (on whose real-life experiences Cole’s “Dale Jackson” character is based) receiving the Medal of Honor from President Lyndon Johnson

A man suffers a psychotic moment in battle—he breaks through a membrane of his existence, he is literally traumatized. He goes berserk. He does just the terrible things, those almost mythic feats of violence and killing, that society has trained him not to do. And society rewards him with a medal. His friends are dead, he is paralyzed with survivor guilt, and yet society still insists on giving him a medal. In the case of Dale Jackson it was the Medal of Honor.

Dale Jackson is the hero of Tom Cole’s new play.

New York premier production co-produced by Woodie King, Jr, Paul B. Borkowsky, and Lucille Lortel. The production received nominations fo both the Drama Desk and Obie Awards.

Presented as part of the 1975-76 Season

Play opened March 28, 1976 at the Theatre de Lys

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Tom Cole
Director David Chambers
Stage Manager Dan Early
Stage Manager John Robert Yates
Set Designer Ray Recht
Lighting Designer Marshall S. Spiller
Costume Designer Carol Oditz
Actor David Clennon
Actor Howard E. Rollins Jr.
Actor John Robert Yates

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