Medal of Honor Rag (2020)

Thomas Walter Booker, Beethovan Oden, and Micah Stock

Online revival of this play first which received NYC’s premier production in 1976, co-produced by Woodie King, Jr, Paul B. Borkowsky, and Lucille Lortel.

In an army hospital, a black winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor and a psychiatrist, both guilty survivors of Viet Nam, verbally spar until the doctor draws out the horror and disgust that has traumatized D.J. His barriers crumbling, D.J. turns on the psychiatrist and exposes the man behind the professional facade. Yet D.J. desperately hopes and the psychiatrist believes he can be helped. Before another interview takes place, D.J. goes AWOL to get money for unpaid bills and is killed in an attempted robbery.

Presented as part of the 2020-21 Season

NFT Online Production opened October 23, 2020

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Tom Cole
Director Dean Irby
Stage Manager B’jai Pierce-Astwood
Actor Beethovan Oden
Actor Micah Stock
Actor Thomas Walter Booker

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