In My Many Names and Days

A Family Record in a Six Play Cycle

World premiere presented in six plays set between 1920 and 1969.

Today, probably best remembered as the acting debut of a 10-year-old “Larry” Fishburne.

Presented as part of the 1972-73 Season

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Charles Fuller
Director Irving Vincent
Director Larry Neal
Stage Manager Fred Seagraves
Set Designer C. Richard Mills
Lighting Designer Shirley Prendergast
Costume Designer Edna Watson
Actor Laurence Fishburne
Actor Cynthia Belgraves
Actor Peggy Kilpatrick
Actor Maurice Watson
Actor Clebert Ford
Actor Adna Karns
Actor Stanley Greene
Actor Sam Blue┬┤
Actor Mary Alice
Actor Richard T. Vessells
Actor George Fludd
Actor Sherman Jones
Actor Maurice Stevens
Actor Nadine Toney
Actor Joe Dempsey
Actor Sandra McPherson
Actor Saundra Kelley

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