Christopher Columbus

From William Hampton’s Review in the New York Times

When Kazantzakis wrote this play, his view of Columbus must have been regarded as heretical, although it is now known that the explorer was not quite the hero once taught in school. The Columbus of the play is a mystical religious fanatic who had lustful fantasies about Queen Isabella and who was not above murdering a navigator to steal his charts of the Atlantic Ocean. He was driven solely by dreams of wealth and glory, and he expected to find an earthly paradise at the end of his voyage — gates of gold and pillars of pearl. Instead, he found the Bahamas.

Presented as part of the 1997-98 Season

Play opened March 4, 1998 at the Harry De Jur Playhouse

Artist Credits

Credit Artist Photo
Playwright Nikos Kazantzakis
Director Lloyd Richards
Set Designer Skip Mercier
Lighting Designer Shirley Prendergast
Sound Designer Genji Ito
Props Chris Borowsky
Actor Dennis Parlato
Actor David Fonteno
Actor Paul Campbell
Actor José Ramón Rosario
Actor Kim Yancey Moore
Actor John Little
Actor Russell Hornsby
Actor Gil Pacheco
Actor Leelai Demoz
Actor Ron Riley
Actor Mary Alice
Actor Roger Robinson

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