William “Mickey” Stevenson

William “Mickey” Stevenson (born 4 January 1937 in Detroit, Michigan) is a former songwriter and record producer for the Motown group of labels from the early days of Berry Gordy’s company until 1967, when he and his then-wife, singer Kim Weston, left for MGM.

He was born William Stevenson and, after spending his formative years recording doowop and gospel music, joined Tamla/Motown in 1959, the year it was founded. He was head of the A&R department there during the company’s “glory” years of the mid-1960s when artists such as the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, Four Tops, Stevie Wonder and Martha & the Vandellas came to the fore. Stevenson was also responsible for organizing and establishing the company’s in-house studio band, which came to be known as the Funk Brothers. –Wikipedia

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PlaywrightA Thrill a Moment 1988-89 Season