Vinie Burrows

Vinie Burrows (née Harrison; born November 15, 1924) is an award-winning Broadway actress.

Vinie Burrows graduated from Harlem High School at the age of 15, having already begun her career as a child actress on radio and on stage when she appeared the Broadway play The Wisteria Trees. She later chose to create her own plays and one-woman shows because she felt that the roles available for black women were those of a “Mammie” or “lady of the evening.” Many of her productions were seen on Broadway and in over 6,000 theaters and other venues across four continents.

Burrows won the Paul Robeson Award in 1986. In 2014, Burrows received an award from the International Communications Association and AUDELCO for her Outstanding Contribution to the Arts and the Community. –

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
PlaywrightRose McClendon: Harlem’s Gift to Broadway 1998-99 Season
Actor The River Crosses Rivers: Short Plays by Women of Color 2009-10 Season
Actor Rose McClendon: Harlem’s Gift to Broadway 1998-99 Season