Steven Kent

Steven Kent is a professional director, workshop leader, teacher, and activist. He was born and raised in Deadwood, South Dakota, a mining town with 3,700 residents and little to no diversity.

Realizing this was not where he wanted to live all his life, he attended college at the University of Southern California to follow his passion in Theology and preaching Methodism. When he found out that the theology group he was a part of at USC was solely Protestant with no religious diversity, he became disillusioned with organized religion.

Fortunately for Kent, living in Los Angeles changed his world for the better, because he was put in situations where he learned about social conflicts and change-makers like the Watts Riots by being in the middle of the city. He found during this time that he was not called to religion anymore.

He learned that theater was where he was the most passionate. “If someone wants you to do something new, then say yes. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I said no to new opportunities,” Kent said.

Kent was founder and director of the Company and Provisional Theatres in Los Angeles and has directed productions at the New York Shakespeare Festival, The Manhattan Theatre Club, the Mark Taper Forum, the Los Angeles Theatre Centre, Illusion Theatre, 7 Stages, the Guggenheim Museum, Highways Performance Space, and the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and Varazdin.

He has received three LA Drama Critics Circle awards, and is a recipient of a major Theater Communications Group Artists in Residency Grant.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Director Mr. Universe 1987-88 Season