Sonya Hensley

Having regaled audiences in over 55 countries as featured headliner, principal performer or co-lead singer – including a 14 country tour of “Sophisticated Ladies” – Sonya Hensley is equally at ease singing jazz, R&B, Broadway, pop, Latin and blues – and has long been driven by her desire to keep expanding her horizons and bring a fresh twist to the world’s most beloved songs.

Before launching into the details of her truly staggering resume, which includes having copy written over a hundred songs, performing in 54 countries and appearing in films (“The Cotton Club,” “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” “Park Day,” “Glitter”) and on TV (“The Stranger Beside Me,” “Sisters,” “The Sopranos,” “Weird Science”), it makes sense to let Sonya take us through reflections of some of her favorite highlights, starting with her humble beginnings in Louisville, KY.

“I was always singing to the radio, even writing lyrics over instrumentals. I started out as a dancer and won a silver medal during my teenage years for Dance in the National Act-So competition. I came to NYC on scholarship at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. I always loved jazz in all my dance classes, listened to everyone from The Blackbyds and Lonnie Liston-Smith to Al Jarreau. In my first job as a dancer, we shared rooms and did eight dance numbers while the singers had their own suites and were paid more for performing only three numbers or so. So I was determined to really learn how to sing. —

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Actor Child of the Sun 1981-82 Season