Seril James

Seril James performs: he’s an actor, a musician, and lends his look to modeling. He has brought his artistic touch to the stage, screen and page, successfully merging his talents into one captivating package.

A native of New York, Seril has grown up in an environment full of inspiring experiences, people, and cultures, infusing his work with his own South Asian background. He began his artistic journey at an early age and has continued to thrive ever since.

Seril’s artistic background and unique heritage has provided the perfect canvas for his distinguished style and sound. His repertoire lays claim to a variety of campaigns, including, Facebook, Crate & Barrel, Verizon Wireless, Gillette, Reebok, IBM, Microsoft, Miller Beer, and Reliance Big Broadcasting. His songs and performances showcase his soulful voice and dedication to the craft of acting.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor The River Crosses Rivers: Short Plays by Women of Color 2009-10 Season