Risë Collins

As an actor, Risë Kevalshar Collins is best known for her work in the original cast of for colored girls.. She left acting some time in the 1980s, and began a career as a social worker.

In 2020, she’s continuing her education at Boise State, in Idaho, where she now lives:

Risë Kevalshar Collins graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a drama degree and has a history as an actor, including on Broadway. She did her graduate studies at the University of Houston, earned a master’s degree in social work, has been licensed and has worked in Texas, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and has served in mental health, oncology, hospice, the prison system and in extended care. She is a student in the creative writing department of Boise State University where her focus is creative non-fiction and poetry.
The Blue Review (Boise State)

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
PlaywrightIncandescent Tones 1983-84 Season
Costume Designer Incandescent Tones 1983-84 Season
Actor for colored girls who have Considered Suicide/When The Rainbow Is Enuf 1975-76 Season
Actor Incandescent Tones 1983-84 Season