Richard Gant

 Richard Gant is probably best known for his role as, the silver streaked boxing promoter, George Washington Duke in “Rocky V,” in which he co starred with Sylvester Stallone.  “George’s” canning zest for success, morphed Richard Gant into a memorable character entrenched in the seedy side of the boxing world. “Sylvester had seen my work and he wanted me for the part.  I got a phone call and the next thing I knew I was in Hollywood.”  Richard proudly states.

 Richard’s statuesque presence, combined with his talent and personality provided for a very successful marriage with Hollywood.  Some of his more notable films include, “Kingdom Come,” with Whoopi Goldberg and LL Cool J, and an Irish thriller shot in Belfast, Divorcing Jack.” Richard also appeared in the gripping Child Soldier film, “Ezra”, shot in Rwanda, East Africa, and the controversial urban drama, Cover”, by Bill Duke. On to family comedy, Richard recently starred as Colonel Buck in Cuba Gooding’s hilarious “Daddy Day Camp.”

 Born in Berkley California, the mid 60’s for an Oakland college student was both tumultuous and culturally edifying. Fully defined by the times, Gant fell in love with theatre through the works of the Harlem Renaissance writers and Langston Hughes and discovered his life’s great passion, theater.

 The New York Theatre Renaissance was in full bloom demanding the attention of any serious artist. In this atmosphereRichard joined artists from around the country defining cultural and political directions for the new age.He acted in or directed some 35 Off Broadway productions. Notable productions as an actor included, “The Talented Tenth,” The Manhattan Theater Club; “The Playboy of the West Indies,” The Yale Repertory Company; which led to the role in the original Broadway production, “The Mighty Gents,” with Morgan Freeman and Howard Rollins. –

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Credit Type Production Season
Director The World of Ben Caldwell 1981-82 Season
Director Something Lost 1980-81 Season
Actor Who Loves the Dancer 1981-82 Season