Patrice Davidson

South American born designer Patrice Andrew Davidson started drawing at the tender age of 4 when he would draw Airplanes as his parents were in the United States prepping the way for him & his siblings to join them while in his Grandparents care.

It was evident early on that he was destined to be in the Creative Arts. 

In every level of Education, he was the Class Artist.

He attended the prestigious High School of Art & Design in New York City where his artistic skills further developed, graduating with Honors in Interior Design, he continued onto the University level where he earned his BFA in Interior Architecture.

Patrice spent several years with his Design mentor before launching out on his own.

With his exposure in the world of Theatrical Designs, he now combines his Love for Theatre, his Interior Design training and Production Design skills to bring a new creative energy to his work.

He has an insatiable appetite for Design perfection and satisfaction.

Having worked in several design disciplines gives him a unique perspective as a multi-faceted designer with an eye for the details and a sense of style and color which brings out the best in any project he undertakes.

Patrice states, “it’s all about the process as you continue your journey, so leave a path that has a trail, if you follow the path and leave a trail then others can trace your progress, but not all paths have trails so you must create both to succeed in your endeavors.” –

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Set Designer Paul Robeson 2005-06 Season