Pamela Poitier

From an article in the St. Augustine Record

Pamela Poitier, daughter of the legendary actor Sidney Poitier, is no stranger to the stage or to the camera. But she said one of the most exciting audiences she’s ever faced was the approximately 200 children of the fourth and fifth grade classes at R.B. Hunt Elementary School in St. Augustine.

On Friday, she presented the school with the film, “Islands of Life,” a beautiful documentary about the ecology, life and environment of The Bahamas, in which she appears….

Poitier, who was born in New York City, lives on Cat Island, in the central Bahamas, which is her ancestral home. Though her father was born in Miami, his parents were from the small island and raised him there. One of the first things mentioned in the film is how Bahamians have a long history of living in balance with nature.

“I live off the grid,” she told the children. “I get my electrical power from the sun, I catch rainwater on my roof and I use composting toilets.”

Naturally, the kids were immediately curious about that last item. She explained how a composting toilet turns waste into fertilizer, rather than sending it through sewer systems as a nasty by-product of life.

“My mother was half Cherokee, and she raised me with a credo,” she said. “That is that we don’t own any part of this planet, that we’re just passing through. And we’re obligated to leave it better than it was when we go. We’re going to depend upon all of you to help us clean up the Earth.”

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