Norman Riley

From a 1980 Bio on Folkways Record Album: Underground Streets

Norman Riley is a twenty-six year old teacher, writer, composer, and performer.  His music and poetry has been seen in clubs and on college campuses across the Eastern seaboard.  He has worked with ARISTA recording artist, Angela Bofill, choreographer George Faison, and poet/playwright Amiri Baraka among others.

Four original plays, Attica/Adventures with Rico, Runaway People, The Center, and The Last Panther, have been performed in the New York, Connecticut, and Washington DC areas.  Mr. Riley currently resides in Manhattan and continues to compose and perform, while working on his first novel, The Evolution of Desalinas Scott.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Director Amiri Baraka in Concert 1979-80 Season
Director Black People’s Party 1981-82 Season
Director Jazz Set 1982-83 Season