Noble Lee

Noble Lee Lester is a graduate of Princeton University’s Upward Bound Program, Mercer County College, Manna School of Music and Howard U. He is an award winning actor, director, filmmaker, teacher and professor of fine arts both NYC and Jacksonville; best actor at Players by the sea; best actor and director at Theatre Jax; best fine arts teacher while at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and a Metro Park Shakespearean thespian.

Noble has taught at Jacksonville University’s Upward Bound program for 5 years and Edward Water College for 8 years as Humanities adjunct professor.

Noble grew up in Trenton, NJ and lived in NYC for decades as a professional dramatist. He is now manager of St. Augustine’s 4 year award winning Ghosts & Gravestones Historical storytelling entity at Old Town Trolley division of Historical Tours of America Corporation.
Noble is published with ; novels and dramas of sorts.

He is screenwriter for Jacksonville’s Spark winner Natasha Owens’, “Airing Grandma’s Laundry and other “hush-hush” family secrets,” Robbing the keys of Hades and many more.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Glorious Monster in the Bell of the Horn 1979-80 Season