Michael Alcide

Michael is a New York based actor/director who started his theater career with Youth Onstage at the Castillo Theater.

According to Castillo’s Facebook page:

We are so proud that one of our Youth Onstage! alumnus, Michael Alcide, has returned to the Castillo Theatre stage. Michael was introduced to the Castillo Theatre in 2004 and was featured in numerous shows. In 2006, Michael took a leading role in a play “Over There/Over Here” written by 22-year-old Iraq war veteran Michael Reyes.


NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Satchel: A Requiem for Racism 2007-08 Season
Actor Josh: The Black Babe Ruth 2007-08 Season
Actor The Toilet 2008-09 Season
Actor Salaam Huey Newton, Salaam 2008-09 Season
Actor Dutchman 2014-15 Season