Meg Guttman

Megg Guttman moved to Chicago in 1986 and is now an established Collage Artist.

A breast-cancer survivor since 1998, Chicago resident Meg Guttman spent some 30 years working as an actor, singer, and dancer. “But a big thing about going through the cancer treatment,” she says, “is it makes you think, ‘Okay, what really makes me happy?’ And I realized what would really make me happy was to sit in a room by myself with my fabric and my pictures and all of this stuff and make something with it.” Now a 10-year member of the Illinois Artisans Program, Guttman works primarily in the fiber arts, selling hand-crafted pillows that also boast, as she says, “sort of a toy-like function or a secret or a gimmick.”

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Upper Depths 1982-83 Season