Marge Elliot

Screen Capture from No Place to Be Somebody, filmed for PBS TV Like It Is in 1969.

Marge performed in theatre and television projects starting in the late 1960’s, through the 2000’s. She is an only child whose father played the trumpet and worked in a laundry to support her family. Piano lessons started at age 5, and she moved to NY to study drama. She lived in the Washington Heights neighborhood for many years and was inducted into the People’s Hall of Fame located in the Museum of the City of New York, for “keeping alive a unique expression of Harlem’s jazz legacy”.

Marge founded an organization called, Children’s Theatre and Music Workshop. “I write plays for them and Jazz is the music I use. I talk about the neighborhood and African American classical music has had to go through. It’s an academy without walls…. I want the children to know the musicians I know.” – from a profile in Pure Jazz Magazine, August 2012

Image capture from the Pure Jazz Magazine profile, August 2012.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
PlaywrightBranches from the Same Tree 1980-81 Season