Marcuis Harris

Also credited as Marquis Harris, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Marcuis moved to Brooklyn as a boy and was quickly entranced by the performing arts.

“Acting wasn’t my first choice, I’m more of a practical head. I went to school for accounting. I worked for 12-15 years in the financial sector. Acting was something I did on the side as an extracurricular activity. I came to acting much later as a professional. I had the opportunity to audition for the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, and I took it and won a scholarship. After finishing school there, I got an agent. I was only interested in theater, I started doing some off-Broadway productions around New York. My agent sent me in for a co-starring role that was in New York and that began my journey into TV and film”.

His first on-screen appearance came in 2000 when he played a supporting guest role on an episode of the show “Ed” (NBC, 2000-04). Harris continued to make consistent appearances in both dramatic and comic supporting roles on shows like “Strong Medicine” (Lifetime, 2000-2006), “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (FX, 2005-2012; FXX, 2013-), and “The Closer” (TNT, 2005-2012), until he landed his first recurring role on the legal drama “Harry’s Law” (NBC, 2011-12) in 2011.

In 2017 he appeared in recurring roles on “Animal Kingdom” (TNT, 2016-) and “Vice Principals” (HBO, 2016-17) before joining the cast of science fiction show “The Crossing” (ABC, 2018-).

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Actor The Conjure Man Dies 2000-01 Season