Lisa Strum

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An actor, writer, singer and educator, Lisa also works as an acting coach and a consultant specializing in creative curriculum design, experiential workshops, speech coaching and body awareness. Please email me and say hi!

“Lisa is a wonderful actor and teacher. She is very passionate about her craft and brings an effervescent energy that is contagious to my students. I find them repeating many of her different sayings. She really ignites the artist in the young and all. She brings so much to every room I have had the experience of sharing with her. She is an invaluable spirit and talent.”

Charles Browning
Actor, Singer, Teacher, Producer

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Lisa Strum on four occasions with my 9th and 10th grade English classes. Lisa worked as a guest artist to lead these classes on a process of artistic discovery that culminated in students creating, developing, and performing their own collaborative scenes. Lisa was particularly adept at unveiling for students the possibilities of sound and movement as they explored the theme of what it meant for them to be artists. Lisa used a combination of warm-up and stand-alone activities that gave students the tools needed to create a coherent performance piece. I was impressed by Lisa’s ability to meaningfully include all students in the process. Each of the students experimented with music, sound, and movement while using only their bodies as instruments. In only the four sessions we had with Lisa, I marked how each student grew in their confidence and creative expression in modes they were unaccustomed to. Lisa is a charismatic and creative arts educator who possesses the ability to lead students to personal, artistic, and creative growth.”

Nathan Blom
English Teacher
LaGuardia Arts High School

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