Kim Sullivan

“Kim as an actor is still in the game. Roles at this point in my career are seemingly hard to find, and yet here is a prime one, a role that I’m deadly right for. So, I’m happy about that as I mature. I used to be the youngest in everybody’s company, and now I’m the oldest in everybody’s company. I’ve gone from extreme to extreme (laughs).  As long as I have my hair, my teeth and my plumbing still works, I intend to work.”

Sullivan grew up starring in school musicals, and earned a full ride to NYU. He’s toured the national professional circuit extensively and has dabbled in some film and TV work

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Toe Jam 1975-76 Season
Actor Dreams Deferrred 1981-82 Season
Actor In Dahomey 1998-99 Season
Actor The Missing Face 2000-01 Season
Actor In the Wine Time 2013-14 Season
Actor Looking for Leroy 2018-19 Season
Actor Gilbeau 1975-76 Season
Actor Ma Rose 2020-21 Season
Actor Do Lord Remember Me (2020) 2020-21 Season