Kent Hoffman

Kent Hoffman is an Air Force veteran who studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida before becoming a set designer.

Kent ran Green Turtle Productions for 12 and a half years from 1991 to 2003 where he created, designed, and specified sets for the production of theatrical shows, films, music and videos.

He then earned a MS in School Administration and made the transition to education management, working as a Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, and Principal. He is currently Principal at RSU 20, a charter school in Searsport, ME .

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NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Set Designer In Bed with the Blues: The Adventures of Fishy Waters 1993-94 Season
Set Designer Black Girl (1995) 1995-96 Season
Set Designer Do Lord Remember Me (1997) 1996-97 Season
Set Designer Rose McClendon: Harlem’s Gift to Broadway 1998-99 Season
Set Designer The Conjure Man Dies 2000-01 Season