Jacqui Casto

According to the Lortel Archive, Jacuqui Casto worked principally as a Stage Manager with 5 credits between 1990 and 2008 at the Public Theater, American Place Theatre, Abrons Arts Center Playhouse, and the Theater at St. Clement’s Church.

In the later 2000’s she earned a few credits as an Assistant Director.

She appears in a feature-length documentary movie called Bird Now (1988) directed by Marc Huraux about the life of jazz legend Charlie Parker, driving the filmmakers to a Harlem location.  This photo is a screen capture. It’s the only image we could find.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Stage Manager for colored girls who have Considered Suicide/When The Rainbow Is Enuf (1995) 1994-95 Season
Stage Manager Tis the Morning 1988-89 Season
Stage Manager The Balm Yard 1990-91 Season
Stage Manager Chain | Late Bus to Mecca 1991-92 Season
Stage Manager Do Lord Remember Me (1997) 1996-97 Season
Stage Manager James Baldwin: A Soul on Fire 1999-00 Season
Stage Manager Beautiful Things 2000-01 Season
Stage Manager Urban Transition: Loose Blossoms 2002-03 Season
Sound Designer Boogie Woogie & Booker T 1986-87 Season
Sound Designer The Meeting 1986-87 Season
Sound Designer Good Black Don’t Crack 1988-89 Season
Sound Designer Jelly Belly 1990-91 Season
Props Zion 1991-92 Season