George Greczylo

Based in Stamford, CT, George Greczylo is an Emmy Award-winning veteran of lighting and set design, with experience across theatre, dance, opera, concerts and broadcast. He’s illuminated presidential town hall meetings, live TV shows, and Hollywood stars on press junkets for major studios. He’s designed productions for the YES Network, ESPN, Ferro Productions, NBC, CNN, USGA and Bleacher Report.

Greczylo’s collaborations with Reuben Bechtold date back to shared design/build projects for the New York Giants in 1999. Today, known for “bringing all the pieces together,” he serves as a primary Studio Bechtold partner on fine art projects requiring expert lighting integrations and effects.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Lighting Designer Season’s Reason 1977-78 Season
Lighting Designer Hot Dishes! (A Black Retrospective 1) 1978-79 Season
Lighting Designer Crazy Horse Have Jenny Now 1979-80 Season