Gammy Singer

Gammy L. Singer seems to have given up acting and has focused on writing mystery novels. Three volumes in A Landlord’s Tale series have been published (2005-2012), featuring an amateur sleuth who happens to be a Harlem landlord. Her bio:

I’ve only recently become a writer, so the world of writing and the writers that inhabit that world are pretty fascinating to me. I am in awe everyday at the productivity and creativity I see–there’s magic everywhere. How did I become a writer? I went back to school and got a Masters Degree in writing from Seton Hill University, located in Greensburg, PA. They had a program which worked for me. Before I left the school I had acquired an agent and a two book-deal. My first novel, A Landlord’s Tale, has been optioned by Laurence Fishburne’s Gypsy Cinema Productions. My goal is to write a book a year, although, because I’m behind, I intend to get two books finished this year. My friends and some readers will like that cuz they keep asking for yet another landlord’s tale. It takes them a day or two–maybe a week tops to read my novels–but it takes me a year to write one. Is that skewed, or what?

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