Evelyn Nelson

Ms. Nelson is Awarded CTE Teacher of the Year

On February, 4th, 2016, Ms. Evelyn Nelson was awarded CTE Teacher of the Year for her dedication and service. Ms. Nelson has been educating the students of the High School of Fashion Industries for over 15 years, and equipping them with the necessary skills to make it in the Fashion Industry. Every student who enters her classroom is inspired to follow their dreams.

Ms. Nelson wears many hats. In addition to educating the next generation, she is also a couture/costume designer, stylist and a professor at Parsons.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Costume Designer In Dahomey 1998-99 Season
Costume Designer The Dance on Widow’s Row 1999-00 Season
Costume Designer The Conjure Man Dies 2000-01 Season
Costume Designer Urban Transition: Loose Blossoms 2002-03 Season
Costume Designer The Stuttering Preacher 2005-06 Season