Ernie McClintock

“Ernie McClintock (1937–2003), the founder of Harlem’s Afro-American Studio for Acting and Speech, the 127th Street Repertory Ensemble, and the Jazz Actors Theatre in Richmond, preached the “Theatre of Common Sense,” later known as “Jazz Acting.” This unsung hero of the American theatre challenged actors to integrate their observations of daily life in Black communities with their training in music, history, voice, and movement in order to be equipped to play anything from Baraka to Shakespeare. Over McClintock’s 40-year career, he shaped the work of hundreds of performers who continue to carry his message of self-determination and community.”

Elizabeth, M. Cizmar. “Ernie McClintock’s Jazz Acting: A theatre of common sense.” The Routledge Companion to African American Theatre and Performance. 2019.

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Director Raisin in the Sun (A Black Retrospective 3) 1978-79 Season