Eric McLendon

Eric McLendon is a former sports journalist and sportscaster, business man and actor. Eric has covered all the major sporting events, including six Super Bowls, and has been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

The Chicago native has also appeared in several television programs as an actor. Eric’s credits include NBC’s Law & Order, Law & Order Criminal Intent, CBS’s Guiding Light, ABC’s All My Children, and a recurring role as officer Steve Madison on One Life to Live. In addition to TV, Eric has performed on film and the stage. If that’s not enough he was a host of a Food Network’s show Recipe for Success

Eric played baseball at Texas Christian University and graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. His father was an Atlanta physician who took care of Dr King and his family, built the first black hospital in Atlanta.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor The Conjure Man Dies 2000-01 Season
Actor Waitin’ 2 End Hell 2004-05 Season