Elizabeth Longo

Elizabeth Longo is passionate about the awakening of humanity and the possibilities of a world that works for all. She is an ordained Unity Minister, serving at Unity on the Bay. In addition to her messages and meditation, she facilitates the OM Hour Satsang weekly. She also facilitates classes, workshops, retreats and spiritual counseling session.

When Elizabeth found “The Work” by Byron Katie she found a powerful practice that is liberating and profoundly life changing. She invited Byron Katie to Unity on the Bay and eventually attended the Nine Day School. She also attended a ten day intensive with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg to study Non Violent Communication. She is a certified yoga instructor and a Oneness Blessing giver.Her love of life and adventure has taken her to India four times and to other sacred places throughout the world. Elizabeth was a film, television, and stage actress, until she took of the masks of illusions for the love of unshakable freedom. She is passionate about evolutionary spirituality, creativity, and the joy of being.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Upper Depths 1982-83 Season