Eldon Bullock

From his Obituary November 23, 2009

Eldon was born February 8, 1952 in Richmond, Va. He was a graduate of Armstrong High School and Virginia Commonwealth University. He was a member of Convent Avenue Baptist Church, the Screen Actor’s Guild, Actor’s Equity, Men Allied in Prayer and the Men’s Fellowship. He worked in the New York Public School System, as a teacher for a short period of time and prior to his illness did numerous stage productions. He was instrumental in the development of the Site 5 COOP. Eldon was a devoted husband and family member. He had a passion for acting and was a very animated, cheerful man, who was loved by many. He was very supportive to many people and used his intellect in an unconsciously loving way.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Trial of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. 1983-84 Season