Dustin Toshiyuki

Dustin, a San Francisco native, found his career in wine in the most obvious way: starting as a sound production designer & engineer for film and TV! A chance encounter with the owner of Cellar Door (now Bar Crenn) while on set filming let him to taking one shift a week there, more as a hobby than anything else.

Dustin’s part-time passion for vino quickly transformed into a total career transition as he landed a full-time barback position and mentorship under Shelley & Greg Lindgren while opening A16 in Oakland, CA. The experience led him to a new opportunity as the AGM at Urchin Bistro within a year.

Subsequently, Dustin earned his CMS certified pin during his three-year tenure at High Treason wine bar in the Richmond District, SF, just a few blocks away from where he grew up, under owners John Vuong and Michael Ireland.

He is now a Sommelier under husband & wife team Chris Gaither and Rebecca Fineman, MS.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Sound Designer In Search of My Father… Walkin’ Talkin’ Bill Hawkins 2007-08 Season