Dianne Oyama Dixon

Dianne Oyama Dixon is a Stephens College theater/dance graduate.  She is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, who has numerous film and TV credits including: “A Piece of the Action,” “Good Times,” “The Cradle Will fall” and “As The World Turns.” 

Ms. Dixon’s stage experience spans performances on both coasts including: The New York Shakespeare Festival, Lincoln Center, Los Angeles Actor’s Theater, and the Ebony Theater.  She has toured the one woman show “Sister Can I Speak For You?”

Ms. Dixon authored “Ladies, Your Places Please” which appeared at Nashville’s Circle Theater.  She has produced, directed, written  and performed in hundreds of television and radio commercials that have aired in all markets as well as internationally.

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Actor Taking of Miss Janie 1974-75 Season