Dawn Robyn Petrlik

Assemblage artist Dawn Robyn Petrlik has been creating noteworthy work in NYC for over a decade. Her pieces range from large scale theatrical designs (Radio City Music Hall, Broadway, Television) to intimate landscape paintings (currently on view in Brooklyn), to live installation works; most notably, “The Lonely Death of Esmin Green”, and “A Photo Op with Sarah Palin”, both of which garnered worldwide media attention in 2008. Described as ‘part Michael Moore and part Disney’, Ms. Petrlik’s work frequently returns to the theme of death and our struggle with the world around us. Animals are a recurring
vehicle for her story telling, and her lifesize deer sculptures utilize multiple materials that underscore their own creation. For more information on her work, please visit www.dawnrobyn.com…..

NFT Credits

Credit Type Production Season
Costume Designer Every Day a Visitor 2000-01 Season